Restaurant automation


"The system is implemented to reduce the manual work and enhances the accuracy of work in a restaurant. This system manages and maintains the record of customers and their order online. This Android App has been made in a user friendly interface. Current wireless communications enables people to easily exchange information while web services provide loosely coupled and platform-independent ways of linking applications across the Internet or Intranet. This paper presents an integration of wireless communication technologies and web services technologies to realize a food ordering system. In this system it implements wired and wireless data access to the servers and food ordering functions through both desktop mobile devices such as PDAs over a wired/wireless integrated local area network. To sure the security of the system the secure web service architecture and some security strategies to ensure mobile communication security are discussed.Web services-based wireless applications on mobile devices provide a means of convenience improving efficiency and accuracy for restaurants by saving time reducing human errors etc.Keywords—Restaurant Management Recommendation Tablet Menu Intelligent QR code Android application"



Cplaborative filtering




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