news classification based on machine learning


With the in?ux of myriad news accompanied with busy lifestyle there is a pressing need to classify news according to the requirements of an individual. People are generally more interested what is going on in their immediate surroundings. In this paper we model this problem by classifying the news articlesbasedoncitiesandprovidingtheentitywiththecollection of city speci?c news. We have developed our own web crawler for content extraction from the HTML pages of news articles. Random Forests Naive Bayes and SVM classi?ers have been employed and their accuracy has been noted. Results exhibit that machine learning techniques can be harnessed to achieve our goal and thus calls for further research to improve the ef?ciency of solving this issue



SVM-naïve bayes-random forest-DNN-Multinomial Logistic Regression


machine learning


₹12000 (INR)


IEEE 2017