blockchain enabled evoting system


"Election is a very important event in a modern democracy but large sections of society around the world do not trust their election system which is major concern for the democracy. Even the worlds largest democracies like India United States and Japan still suffer from a flawed electoral system. Vote rigging hacking of the EVM (Electronic voting machine) election manipulation and polling booth capturing are the major issues in the current voting system.In this project we are investigating the problems in the election voting systems and trying to propose the E-voting model which can resolve these issues. Also this article aiming to evaluate the application of blockchain as service to implement distributed electronic voting systems. The section of paper will highlight some of the popular blockchain frameworks that offer blockchain as a service and associated electronic E-voting system which is based on blockchain that addresses all limitations respectively it also preserve participants anonymity while still being open to public inspection. Key Words: Blockchain Decentralization Voting scheme Distributed System EVM electronic voting e-voting verifiable voting."







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