employee pre appraisal system


—Tanri Abeng University as one of the developing universities in the South Jakarta region strives to provide the best service to students and all stakeholders for this reason Tanri Abeng University management conducts an evaluation process and periodically evaluates employee performance. The problem that arises is the performance appraisal of employees and the determination of outstanding employees who have multi-criteria characteristics and have the potential for subjective appraisal. This research used the SMART (Simple Multi-Attributes Rating Technique) model which is a multi-criteria decision making method based on the theory that all alternatives have a number of criteria with values and each criterion has a weight that determines its importance compared to other criteria and implemented in web based application making it easier for the work of evaluating employee performance which is no longer done manually and can produce accurate information.



SVM-random forest


machine learning


₹12000 (INR)


IEEE 2019