Agrovita:food supply chain using blockchain


This system describes the design of a framework and implementation of an agro-vita using blockchain. Initially the barcodes have been widely used for the unique identification of the products. Quick Response i.e. QR codes are 2D representation of barcodes that can embed text audio video web URL phone contacts credentials and much more. This paper primarily deals with the generation of QR codes for Agro-vita. The project Agro-Vita has been developed for all user related to agriculture. The Application is mainly focused on QR code scanning and backtracks of all transactions from farmer to consumer. In between farmer and consumer Agro-vita maintain trust and reliability along the whole supply chain it is essential for the stored records to be tamper-proof while the best case would be if each actor issuing transactions could do that without relying on any centralized third-party intermediary. The tool constitutes Android SDK development Java Eclipse in mobile applications which will be displayed when authorized person uses the software. The back end tool constitutes SQLyog database and developed on windows environment which is platform independent



SHA algo




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