fingerprint based transaction system


Fingerprint authentication is the most sophisticated method of all biometric techniques and has been thoroughly verified through various applications. Even features such as persons face or signature can change with changing in time and may be fabricated or imitated. But a fingerprint occurs uniquely to an individual and remains unchanged for lifetime. This article is an overview of a current research based on fingerprint recognition system.In this paper we highlighted on the previous studies of fingerprint recogni- tion system. This fingerprint recognition. The basic fingerprint recognition system consists of four stages: firstly the sensor which is used for enrolment recognition to capture the biometric data. Secondly the pre-processing stage which is used to remove unwanted data and increase the clarity of ridge struc- ture by using enhancement technique.Thirdly feature extraction stage which take the input from the output of the pre-processing stage to extract the fingerprint features. Fourthly the matching stage is to compare the acquired feature with the template in the database. Finally the database which stores the features for the matching stags.






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