vehicle towing management system bidding


With a huge number of vehicles on the road urban cities like Mumbai are facing a growing problem of parking spaces. Even a small shopping complex requires a large empty area to accommodate the vehicles of all their customers. The lack of space increases the chances of congestion and accidents on the road as well as raising frustration levels.Mumbai is one of the most helpless island cities drowning in a sea of cars while battling with its never ending parking problems. As the universal belief goes finding parking space in the city is a big hindrance. While some residential areas offer parking area it is extremely difficult for a person to afford dedicated parking space.Further contributing to the lack of space is illegal parking of vehicles on roads. These are not only parked illegally but most of the times are unclaimed by their owners. Thus contributing to the ever-rising pile of thrash.Most of these vehicles are abandoned by their owners after being seized by DRI for evasion of customs duty. DRI functions under the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) in the ministry of finance.






₹12000 (INR)