Detecting malicious packet in n/w using machine learning


Now-a-days it has become very easy for an adversary to steal the password hash file and crack the hash passwords. Thus the threat for each user accounts continues to increase rapidly. As the cybersecurity threats are increasing new mechanism needs to be developed. To detect the password file breach Juels and Rivest had introduced the concept of decoy passwords known as “Honeywords”. For every user account set of false passwords are generated using honeyword generation techniques. So the hashed password databases consists of actual passwords and false passwords. For an adversary when a password file is cracked it becomes difficult to judge the real password. Honeyword model sets off an alarm if any of the honeyword is entered notifying about the password file breach. Thus there is a huge risk of an adversary being detected. In our model we are implementing the decoy mechanism for protection of data from an unauthorized user and also tracking the IP of the detected user to take action against the malicious user





network security


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