multilevel and multifactor authentication(OTP)


Online and Enterprise resources typically required authentication before user allow to access the sensitive applications and information. Sensitive information generally contains user personal information transactions confidential data etc. Traditional user authentication system used user identifier Password Personal Identification Number (PIN) Token code etc. These Systems cant fulfil the current requirement of the user authentication. So that most of the system used multilevel and multifactor authentication mechanism to allow authorized user to get access the sensitive application and information. Recently such multilevel and multifactor security is provided using Risk Based Authentication (RBA) mechanism. The RBA provides access based on Enforcement policy and access decision based on the risk score. Due to which RBA mechanism provides a more secure way to access the sensitive application and information by the user. In this project we will propose RBA mechanism based on Users machine specific authentication information generate OTP using algo i.e sha256 and md5.In our project during OTP generation no Network present that is more secured than other system.






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