Garbage monitoring using image processing


Despite the vast number of solutions implemented by the competent authorities the process of garbage management is becoming tedious. The garbage generated is comparatively more than the amount of the garbage which is managed on a daily basis. Hence forth taking all these factors into consideration a smart system could present a viable solution towards efficient waste management. In this paper we are presenting a smart system which is based on embedded digital image processing and IoT(internet of things). The system is so designed that it will automatically detect and collect the garbage and after the collection a notification will be send to the user. The paper describes the overall view of the system. In the last section we will discuss the future applications which will be included in the extended scope of the smart system. The paper describes the basic idea of detection and collection. The detection is done by using the image processing algorithm i.e. canny edge detection. Raspberry pi camera will capture an image of a particular area and will store it as default image. Once an object has been detected the camera will capture its image. It will identify the object as garbage and then further send the signals. The edge detection algorithm is used for the differentiation of the scattered edges and compact and collinear edges of the garbage. Thus further collection of the garbage will be done by using vacuum module. Once the camera detects the garbage it will calculate its position calibrate the motors according to the position of the garbage so that it will go the acquired position and collect the garbage. Once the dustbin is full up to a certain limit the level sensor in the bin will sense the level of the garbage and send it to the nearest garbage collector truck.





image processing


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