ChatBot For college


with rapid development of information and communication technology people are very diverse in education learning style and knowledge improvement methods. This paper presents an approach of converting documents into knowledge of Chatbot system that enables users to make more benefits of it by asking and answering questions through the use of electronic documents integrated with simulate system.Through this report we introduce a novel approach to sharing information between students and lecturers in order to enhance quality of information in college student environment. We describe a network for distributing information among lecturers and students. The concept of developing chatbot system to ensure that student can access information at any time at any locations. Information System helps the students and lecturers to find and access information based which is of interest and relevant to students or lecturers through a smart phone. We will develop an Android application thereby providing a collaborative communication system within the student and teachers aiding everyone participating in it. This will create a ubiquitous environment throughout the system making it a very positive and exciting experience for all the participants. Thus we have implemented the android application which promotes high usage of mobile phones by students into a system through which the students can learn and to present an informative tool which they can use to solve their queries on their mobile phone devices. With maximum people shifting towards smart phones and a boom in the android application market has motivated us to develop an Android application that will prove to be learning as well as an informative tool for the students across the campus. Our concept of developing an information system seeks to provide a collaborative communication system anytime anywhere throughout the app.



SVM-naïve bayes-random forest-DNN


machine learning


₹12000 (INR)