driver drowsiness detection


Driver in-alertness is an important cause for most accident related to the vehicles crashes. Driver fatigue resulting from sleep deprivation or sleep disordersis an important factor in the increasing number of the accidents on todays roads. Drowsy driver warning system can form the basis of the system to possibly reduce the accidents related to drivers drowsiness. The purpose of such a system is to perform detection of driver fatigue. By placing the camera inside the car we can monitor the face of the driver and look for the eye-movements which indicate that the driver is no longer in condition to driver is no longer in condition to drive. In such a case a warning signal should be issued. We also describe a method that can determine if the eyes are open or closed. The main criterion of this system is that it must be highly non-intrusive and it should start when the ignition is turned on without having at the driver initiate the system. In given paper a drowsy driver warning system using image processing as well as accelerometer is proposed.



haar classifier


image processing


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