Categorization reporting of illegal activitieson the dark web


—In recent years cyber attack techniques are increasingly sophisticated and blocking the attack is more and more difficult even if a kind of counter measure or another is taken. In order for a successful handling of this situation it is crucial to have a prediction of cyber attacks appropriate precautions and effective utilization of cyber intelligence that enables these actions. Malicious hackers share various kinds of information through particular communities such as the dark web indicating that a great deal of intelligence exists in cyberspace. This paper focuses on forums on the dark web and proposes an approach to extract forums which include important information or intelligence from huge amounts of forums and identify traits of each forum using methodologies such as machine learning natural language processing and so on. This approach will allow us to grasp the emerging threats in cyberspace and take appropriate measures against malicious activities.



Naïve bayes-SVM-random forest


machine learning


₹12000 (INR)


IEEE 2019