Raspberry Pi for integrating face and voice together lock system


—In recent years it is important to own a reliable security system that can secure our assets as well as to protect our privacy. The traditional security system needs an individual to use a key identification (ID) card or password to access an area such as home and workplace. However the present security system has many weaknesses wherever it is simply cast and taken. Most doors are controlled by persons with the employment of keys security cards countersign or pattern to open the door. The aim of this paper is to assist users for improvement of the door security of sensitive locations by using face detection and recognition. The proposed system mainly consists of subsystems namely image capture face detection and recognition email notification and automatic door access management. Face Recognition supported openCV is brought up because it uses Eigen faces and reduces the scale of face images without losing vital features facial images for many persons can be stored in the database. The door lock can also be accessed remotely from any part of the world by using Telegram android application. The captured image from pi camera will be sent to the authorized person through email for safety purposes.



local binary pattern histogram-HAAR


image processing


₹12000 (INR)


IEEE 2018