Detection of Fractures in Long Bones for Trauma Centre Patients using Hough Transform


Detection of fractures in the bone are very important in case of trauma or accidents. It is critical to identify the fractures as early as possible. However, many times due to minor cracks, the fracture may not be clearly visible in the X Ray Image. The aim of this project is to develop an image processing based efficient system for a quick and accurate classification of bone fractures based on the information gained from the x-ray / CT images. Images of the fractured bone are obtained from hospital and processing techniques like segmentation, edge detection and feature extraction methods are adopted. These images were processed in a developed tool to detect minor fractures and broken bones.



Software And Hardware

• Hardware: Processor: i3 ,i5 RAM: 4GB Hard disk: 16 GB • Software: operating System : Windws2000/XP/7/8/10 Anaconda,jupyter,spyder,flask Frontend :-python Backend:- MYSQL