A Survey on Various Machine Learning Models in IOT Applications


This paper presents a recent survey on various machine learning (ML) methods that acts as a backbone for various Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The study brings out the definition of ML models and its significance over IoT and introduces both supervised and unsupervised machine learning models that support the architecture of IoT applications. The study provides the idea of ML adoption in various fields of IoT applications. The study also presents some inferences associated with the present study. Finally, the study presents the directions of future researches to carry out their research on the ML with IoT.



Software And Hardware

• Hardware: Processor: i3 ,i5 RAM: 4GB Hard disk: 16 GB • Software: operating System : Windws2000/XP/7/8/10 Anaconda,jupyter,spyder,flask Frontend :-python Backend:- MYSQL