E-Mail Classification Using Natural Language Processing


Thanks to the rapid increase in technology and electronic communications, e-mail has become a serious communication tool. In many applications such as business correspondence, reminders, academic notices, web page memberships, e-mail is used as primary way of communication. If we ignore spam e-mails, there remain hundreds of e-mails received every day. In order to determine the importance of received e-mails, the subject or content of each e-mail must be checked. In this study we proposed an unsupervised system to classify received e-mails. Received e-mails' coordinates are determined by a method of natural language processing called as Word2Vec algorithm. According to the similarities, processed data are grouped by k-means algorithm with an unsupervised training model. In this study, 10517 e-mails were used in training. The success of the system is tested on a test group of 200 e-mails. In the test phase M3 model (window size 3, min. Word frequency 10, Gram skip) consolidated the highest success (91%). Obtained results are evaluated in section VI.



Software And Hardware

Textual Question Answering for Semantic Parsing in Natural Language Processing