A Novel Hybrid data security algorithm for Electronic Health Records security


Data security is a critical aspect in this digital world. Data security algorithms are designed to suit specific applications. Electronic Health Records (EHR) are the digital documents that contain the digital data of the patients. The data includes personal information of the patient along with the medical and treatment histories. The radiology images and medical information is also contained in the digital form in the EHRs. This data is usually stored in the cloud servers because of the data storage issues. The common practice is that the data is divided into multiple segments and stored in different cloud servers. The issue of reconstruction using searchable metrics is the problem that is addressed in this paper using a novel hybrid algorithm. The personal data of the patient is preserved using the k-Nearest Neighbor classification algorithm to secure the data. The proposed method is novel and works in different stages. The results are analyzed and the future scope discussed.



Software And Hardware

• Hardware: Processor: i3 ,i5 RAM: 4GB Hard disk: 16 GB • Software: operating System : Windws2000/XP/7/8/10 Anaconda,jupyter,spyder,flask Frontend :-python Backend:- MYSQL