Diseases Detection of Various Plant Leaf Using Image Processing Techniques: A Review


Agriculture is a key source of livelihood. Agriculture provides employment opportunities for village people on large scale in developing country like India. India\'s agriculture is composed of many crops and according to survey nearly 70% population is depends on agriculture. Most of Indian farmers are adopting manual cultivation due to lagging of technical knowledge. Farmers are unaware of what kind of crops that grows well on their land. When plants are affected by heterogeneous diseases through their leaves that will effects on production of agriculture and profitable loss. Also reduction in both quality and amount of agricultural production. Leaves are important for fast growing of plant and to increase production of crops. Identifying diseases in plants leave is challenging for farmers also for researchers. Currently farmers are spraying pesticides to the plants but it effects human directly or indirectly by health or also economically. To detect these plant diseases many fast techniques need to be adopt. In this paper, we have done survey on different plants disease and various advance techniques to detect these diseases.



Software And Hardware

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