Medical Imaging using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms: A Review


Machine and deep learning algorithms are rapidly growing in dynamic research of medical imaging. Currently, substantial efforts are developed for the enrichment of medical imaging applications using these algorithms to diagnose the errors in disease diagnostic systems which may result in extremely ambiguous medical treatments. Machine and deep learning algorithms are important ways in medical imaging to predict the symptoms of early disease. Deep learning techniques, in specific convolutional networks, have promptly developed a methodology of special for investigating medical images. It uses the supervised or unsupervised algorithms using some specific standard dataset to indicate the predictions. We survey image classification, object detection, pattern recognition, reasoning etc. concepts in medical imaging. These are used to improve the accuracy by extracting the meaningful patterns for the specific disease in medical imaging. These ways also indorse the decision-making procedure. The major aim of this survey is to highlight the machine learning and deep learning techniques used in medical images. We intended to provide an outline for researchers to know the existing techniques carried out for medical imaging, highlight the advantages and drawbacks of these algorithms, and to discuss the future directions. For the study of multi-dimensional medical data, machine and deep learning provide a commendable technique for creation of classification and automatic decision making. This paper provides a survey of medical imaging in the machine and deep learning methods to analyze distinctive diseases. It carries consideration concerning the suite of these algorithms which can be used for the investigation of diseases and automatic decision-making.



Software And Hardware

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