The goal of this article is to look at different ways for predicting stock price movement using social media sentiment analysis and data processing. This study will teach us about a cost-effective approach for better precisely anticipating stock movement. On social media, people can openly share their opinions and feelings. This study contributes to the field of sentiment analysis, which is concerned with extracting emotions and opinions from text. The fundamental purpose is to categorise text as either expressing positive or negative emotions. Sentiment classifiers are used to classify social media information like as product reviews, blog articles, and even email corpus messages. It's past time to revisit quality sentiment extraction approaches, as well as re-define and enrich them to address the increasing complexity of text sources and subjects the meaning of sentiment We now build topical datasets within each social media stream to analyse sentiment expression and polarity categorization within and across multiple social media streams, in contrast to past sentiment research. We tend to conclude that stock forecasting is a challenging process that requires a range of factors to be taken into account in order to forecast the market more accurately and efficiently.



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