Marking Attendees as smart using the latest technology and recognition in deep learning algorithms to create a system that will be able to detect and detect the faces of students in the classroom. The face is the front part of the human head from the forehead to the chin, or the corresponding part of the animal (Oxford Dictionary). Face detection is one of the biometric ways of doing something important in this process. In social interaction, the front part of the face is very useful data as it contains important data about the group or individual. Everyone has the ability to recognize individuals in their own personalities. The proposed solution is to develop a system performance model that will enhance the classroom approach by seeing the front faces of the students in a photo taken in the classroom. By creating this framework, the problem of having the mediator and students marked even though they are not physically present can be easily resolved. In recent years, research has been undertaken and established face recognition and recognition programs. Some of them are used in social media, banking applications, government offices, etc. As facial recognition plays an important role in mobile devices to function and function in certain functions. We use this idea as a basis for making this a smart travel plan and it will take less time than going in person. This model will be an effective way to create presence and student records.



Software And Hardware