The Project titled 'GOLD PRICE PREDICTION' predicts the gold EFT price based on the previous year’s gold price data. The main goal of this project is to forecast the rise and fall in the daily gold rates, that can help investors to decide when to buy or sell the gold. Inventory forecasting plays a crucial role in the financial success of the business. The price of gold is calculated by looking at the dataset that contains the previous year’s gold price. Rise in gold value coupled with volatility and falling prices from other markets such as capital markets and real estate markets has attracted more and more investors to gold as an attractive investment. There's a fear that those high prices will be sustainable and that the prices will reverse. Although there are a number of studies that analyze the correlation between the gold price and certain economic variables. We have applied machine learning technique to predict financial variables and we have focused on predicting the gold price ETF using a linear regression algorithm as our dataset is a numerical dataset



Software And Hardware