Since 2019 Covid-19 pandemic has affected each and every person in the whole world. This disease has put a lot of stress on resources of a country and government officials. The current health scenarios have proven to be insufficient in dealing with the large size of patients in the current novel corona virus scenario. If the government officials are to be helped in allocating the health resources properly, they have to be helped using latest technologies such as machine learning that can be used with the historical data collected daily about the covid pandemic such as how many deaths, recoveries etc. in which month and date. So, we are developing a project to predict future of covid pandemic using this historical data. The first step is to fetch the historical data available at website using the API provided by the various APIs available for research purpose. Then this data will be sorted according to which district or state we want the covid future prediction for which we are doing only for India. Then we will create a training dataset which will be used to train machine learning algorithms Linear Regression and SVM Regression. Then the LR and SVM will predict the next covid future parameters depending upon the number of days we pass for the algorithms to predict. Thus, our system will prove to be helpful for government officials to manage covid-19 resources properly and save lot of lives.



Software And Hardware