Stress is a part of life it is an unpleasant state of emotional arousal that people experience in situations like working for long hours in front of computer. Computers have become a way of life, much life is spent on the computers and hence we are therefore more affected by the ups and downs that they cause us. One cannot just completely avoid their work on computers but one can at least control his/her usage when being alarmed about him being stressed at certain point of time. Monitoring the emotional status of a person who is working in front of a computer for longer duration is crucial for the safety of a person. In this work a real-time non-intrusive videos are captured, which detects the emotional status of a person by analysing the facial expression. We detect an individual emotion in each video frame and the decision on the stress level is made in sequential hours of the video captured. We employ a technique that allows us to train a model and analyze differences in predicting the features. Theano is a python framework which aims at improving both the execution time and development time of the linear regression model which is used here as a deep learning algorithm. The experimental results show that the developed system is well on data with the generic model of all ages.



Software And Hardware