As the world has seen exceptional movement throughout the most recent decade, there is an unusual development in the wrongdoing rate and besides the amount of law breakers is extending at an upsetting rate, this leads toward an uncommon stress over the security issues. The individualistic characters of the human face can be isolated by face affirmation. Face affirmation is a clear and deft biometric development. Face distinguishing proof and affirmation is the development which is used to perceive a person from a video or picture. In this system, we can recognize and see the characters of the criminals in a video move got from a camera ceaselessly. Criminal records generally contains individual nuances and the photograph of the hoodlum. Thusly, we can use these photograph close by his nuances. The video got from the perception camera are changed over into diagrams. Right when a face is recognized in a packaging, it is pre-dealt with and a while later it goes through feature extraction. The components of the dealt with consistent picture are differentiated and the features of taken care of pictures which are taken care of in the criminal informational collection. Accepting that a match is found, a caution message close by the live region of the criminal would be delivered off the power. So this system will be incredibly useful for the police division to recognize the criminal through video got from camera consistently. In this paper Haar Cascade Algorithm is used for face affirmation.



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