The main purpose of biometrics-based attendance monitoring system is to enhance and upgrade the current attendance system into more efficient and effective than earlier. The current system has a lot of ambiguity that cause inaccuracy and inefficiency in taking attendance. Many problems arise when the authority is unable to enforce the regulation that exists in the current system. The technology working behind will be the face recognition and Fingerprint matching. The human face and fingerprints are the natural traits that can uniquely identify an individual. Therefore, it is used to trace identity, as the possibility for a face to be duplicated is low, but the possibility of duplicate fingerprint is zero. In this project, face and fingerprints databases will be created. Then, during the attendance taking session, faces as well as scanned fingerprint will be compared against the database to get a match of an identity. When an individual is identified, its attendance will be counted automatically saving necessary information into a excel sheet.



Software And Hardware