In today’s era, security is one of the most important things in life that everybody wants. As technology advances, people also want their security to be integrated with technology. With the most recent advancements in emerging technologies, IoT is one of the best alternatives that can solve various security-related issues. Here is an IOT-based smart door lock system. This system works on wireless technology. This system will consist of a wireless module that connects via Bluetooth and the Internet and communication through it from anywhere around the globe. The user can lock his house door with a smart lock app. With the help of the virtual keypad integrated into the smart app, the user can also unlock the door using an OTP. The primary goal of this study is to incorporate a locking system that can be unlocked in two ways where we can also open it through our mobile app which is Bluetooth and internet-based technology either with the help of OTP. An additional element that improves security is the ability for the user to monitor home activity.



Software And Hardware