Water quality prediction is a regression model that is build using Machine Learning algorithms. This project is developed so as to control the water pollution which is a serious issue in recent times. This is a simple and very effective model that can calculate the quality of any water sample. This model is a web-based application that can be operated from anywhere once it is connected to the internet. The quality of any water sample is determined by the quantity of pollutants it has like Biological Oxygen Demand, Dissolved Oxygen, concentration of pollutants(pH). So based on these factors, we have developed a model that takes values of pollutants as input parameters and gives the quality index of the sample tested as a numeric value (index) with precision. This project is developed so as to know the quality of water in polluted areas such as cities and urban areas. If we know the water quality, we can prevent the pollutants from being mixed with the freshwater resources so that water pollution can be reduced to some extent.



Software And Hardware