The home automation system has gained great popularity over the past few decades and increases comfort and standard of living. This paper discusses current and emerging automation programs at home. Today most home automation systems include the smart phone and me. Due to the rapid advances in the automation industry, human health is greatly improved and improved in all respects. In the current scenario, Automated systems are preferred over non-default systems. With the rapid growth in the number of consumers using the Internet over the years, the internet has become an important part of life, and IoT is a new and emerging internet technology. The internet of things plays an important role in a person's life and in the field of education because it is able to provide information and complete tasks given while we are busy doing other work. In this paper, we have demonstrated the example and use of Smart Home Automation with Wi-Fi technology. ESP8266 is a proposed system that incorporates a Hardware interface and a software interface. In the interface of the computer hardware, integration of ESP8266 Wi-Fi technology for home appliances and sensors is displayed, and the system is provided with control for most home users, smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This program is one of the best ways to easily manage home devices by many users and one of the best ways to manage power. Access to the entire system is only given to its administrator by different users. This system can also be expanded to control a variety of home appliances and home safety and security purposes as long as they are still available on Wi-Fi networks such as Wi-Fi technology. control.



Software And Hardware