As the world gets modernize day by day, the electronic devices gets smarter and smarter to make this happen the iot (internet of things) play a cruicial role in it. The IOT refer as a network in which the devices were connected with each other and exchanging their data so we implement IOT in our project. In this project the load is controlled and monitored by using wireless module NODE MCU ESP 8266, and ACS712(current sensor) .The Blynk(Iot application) help us to connect the device with smart phone through which a user can controlled its load by sitting far away and in this application we also provide a load display option for which a person can monitored its load . Instead of using regular switch for controlling the load we can control as well as monitor the load wirelessly far away from device. This circuit can be applicable in various places Such as in domestic household, industries, Offices etc.



Software And Hardware