In this Paper we are using two predominantly electricity generating resources that are solar and wind energy. The main intent of this project is to monitor the voltage generated through solar and wind energy IOT.As it is well known fact that electricity is commonly generated through coal which is present in limited amount in our country and takes million of years to get replenished and burning of coal causes harmful impact on our environment Now a days electricity has become basic need of every individual’s daily life. As sun and wind are renewable resources and present in sufficient amount and there is also not any harmful effect on our environment so, we are trying to take a small step towards it which is being illustrated through our project. Earlier we used to spend money for monitoring the voltage by having voltage regulator at home. If there is very low voltage and very high voltage is coming then we can monitor it and control through this voltage regulator and can save our home appliances from getting damage. Now through this project the same work can be done by using just a simple application and connecting to our mobile phone.



Software And Hardware