Vital health care monitoring system which is the major system playing an important role in medical industry these days. If technology doesn't work, these days we won't be able to provide so many things to the patients in the hospitals. The patient data gets stored via the network, through which it is therefore easier to trace the information stored in that hospital regarding their check-ups and whatever extra medicines they need to take on a daily basis or on regular check-ups. Everything gets stored. Sensors are major part of the system. Sensors are connected to app and to trace status of the patient information, we can customize everything like we can see ourselves the body temperature in which the person needs glucose bottle drips, that's also informed, the sweating status of a person like if it’s too much in bad, it shows alert sweating. Then comes the ECG value, next comes the body vibration status, voice status and we can also check the air quality. We can feed every information regarding the patient. They can check it themselves and keep a note with them digitally. The most important part in today 's life is patient module in the medical industry which provides network of information exchanged with patients as well as the doctors via this monitoring system. Everything in our system gets stored directly to the server which is the cloud.



Software And Hardware