Fundamental to IoT is the instant collaboration that happens between these smart devices. The beauty behind having a network of interconnected devices is that they can all work together to provide real solutions that are much greater than the sum of their parts. IOT based products are always connected and constantly communicating with each other. They regularly exchange information using wired and wireless networks, which helps make our lives easier and safer. When IoT based smart home security systems are used to safeguard our home or possessions, it’s akin to having our favorite reliable friend dutifully watching over our home or pets in our absence. Except it’s actually way better than that, because unlike our well-meaning friend or neighbor, smart home security systems are always present and are ready to instantly alert us of any signs of danger. Smart products, like Nest Lab’s smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, sounds an alert when it detects high levels of CO, and then warns us of the location of the danger. It’s no wonder that Google acquired Nest Labs for a whopping $3.2 billion! Other companies like Canary offer connected smart home security systems that are now a part of a growing trend: using IoT technology to create safety solutions to protect what’s most valuable to us.



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