Pills have become increasingly crucial in everyday life, and there has been an increase in the number of medical neglect cases in recent years, which has had a serious impact on the patient's body. Also the medication adherence is a significant problem the healthcare system currently faces. Roughly 50% of patients with chronic illnesses do not take their medications as prescribed. On the other hand of taking wrong pills being ingested by patients are caused by patients themselves, especially at an old age. In order to rectify this problem, we are here to introduce our project Smart Med Box using IOT. A smart med box for the elderly and nursing homes meets the needs of the market by integrating electronic technology and network functionality. This Smart Med Box features a particular device that contains embedded sensors in each compartment that not only transmits detected signals to website when the users are taking their pills but also receives a remind message back to the LCD screen by displaying words in it. The time set in RTC, at that time the speaker announces to take the medicine in morning pill box as voice message simultaneously LED glow in that compartment only.



Software And Hardware