Traffic congestion has been a serious issue within India, and other countries, in the recent years. Traffic congestion is caused by the rising usage of automobiles by the country's rapidly growing population. Another problem is that the existing roads and surroundings cannot be scaled exponentially to meet the demand for better traffic control. Traffic congestion has an impact on modern living in terms of pollution, fuel waste, and increased travel time, among other things. For Traffic monitoring, a traffic monitoring system is utilized. These traffic systems were designed to maintain track of traffic-congestion while keeping the end aim in mind. Transportation safety, mobility, and efficiency are all being improved. This project can be used to detect traffic congestion and vehicles that break the traffic rules. Smart car parking provisions, and automatic toll collecting cost speed limit violation detection, etc. By utilizing many present technologies for traffic control, such as video, the internet of things plays a massive role in traffic management. For traffic management IR sensors, wireless sensors networks, RFID and other techniques are also effective. For data collection many sensors were utilized.



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