People love their pets and vice versa, but there are times you need to leave your pets at home for long durations alone and this is a problematic issue. The Robot is an IOT Based robot that is capable of taking care you your pets alone at home. The robot is integrated with a camera that allows for live streaming over IOT platform (BLYNK APP) to get on demand footage of home. The robot is a 3 wheeled drive system with a feeding tray and 2 x steel bins Bin1 Stores Dog Food/Cat Food Bin 2 Stores Water. The robot dispenses appropriate amount of food and water in feeding tray as instructed by user online and then slides open the feeding tray. Once the pet has eaten it closes the feeding tray. All of this can be monitored online by the pet owner. This entire system is controlled by a ESP32 controller that allows for efficient controlling of all robot functionalities.



Software And Hardware