As the world’s population is increasing,the need for health prevention is also increasing day by day. In these recent years, there is rapid progress in medical care due to the technological advancements in the various fields of sensors, micro-controllers, and computers for assuring fast recovery of patients in the hospitals. Themajor and fundamental requirement of hospitalized patients is that every patient should be provided with better treatment and observation and should be supplied with the correct amount of vital nutrition at the correct time. Among the various treatments, saline therapy is the most important treatment that many patients receive from the hospitals. The bottle of saline is fed to the patients to treat dehydration and thus improve their health. In the hospitals, whenever saline is fed to the patients, the patient needs to be continuously administered by a nurse or a caretaker. But unfortunately,some critical situations occur and due to the negligence towards the saline completion and busy schedules of the responsible doctors, nurses, or the caretakers, huge number of patients are being harmed. Hence, to prevent the patient’s health and to provide maximum health safety during saline feeding hours, saline level monitoring and an automatic alert system have been developed. The proposed system facilitates a sophisticated method of controlling saline drop rate by monitoring the saline system remotely by using the IoT platform. This proposed system consistsof a sensor used for monitoring the critical level of the saline liquid in the saline bottle and a mechanism that will stop the saline flow automatically after the saline bottle is completely empty.



Software And Hardware