The rapid rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) has opened up new possibilities for personalized eHealth and mHealth services. We'll present a case study of an IoT-based sensible bottle that can accurately live the hardness and temperature of the water inside the bottle. We are evaluating two system configurations: a smart bottle that is connected to a private body detecting network and a cloud-based device. Intake of water is the most important thing for a human body as it provides minerals and several vitamins to body. It helps to keep human body hydrated. The water helps to build the resilience of respiratory organs in elderly or aged people. Old aged people are unaware about the benefits of the required water intake, timings and frequency. Water support human body to flush the wastes along with it also increases the metabolic rates which helps human body to fight against several diseases. We are presenting a case study of a smart water bottle, it will precisely measure the hardness of the water and also the temperature of the water present in the bottle. Further, this smart water bottle will guide a user to drink water on time. We propose a sustainable business model for water intake. It was addressed by applying the Internet of things technology to health care system.



Software And Hardware