The field of cloud computing is helping in leaps and bounds to improvise our age-old business-Agriculture. We are all witnessing immense growth in India in almost all sectors but decline in number of farmers in India. Technological advances doesn't mean that we have smartphones in our hands and able to watch YouTube videos in the middle of the desert. We need to bridge the gap and include our farmers in this revolution. We need to take them ahead as most of them are still ages behind compared to rest of other developing nations in this paper lot based smart farm which sense the requirement of the plant and provide it with water as the soil loses its moisture. Different soil has different fertility & moisture level so we have soil moisture sensor. In this way it manages to perform its operations automatically. Ph sensor to monitor the nature of soil. PIR sensor is used to monitor the interruption of any animals into field. Crop development procedure is manually fed and through cloud it reaches the user.



Software And Hardware