The current IOT system will focus on the digitalization of agriculture field. The emergence of various new agtech based startups that works in the field of new innovation in digital technologies in agriculture. The large demand of food, limited availability of natural resources, and uncertainties in agriculture productivity will lead to need of advancement using upcoming technology in the agriculture field. With the technological revolution around the world, the small farmers are getting acquainted with the latest technological advancements in mobile networks through smartphones and other related technologies. All of these are contributing to the development of new digitally agriculture systems. We know agriculture is the crucial occupation for the rural people and about 70% of the Indian population depends upon agriculture sector for their livelihood. The major challenge faced due to urbanization in agriculture sector are rise in environmental pollution, climate change, degradation of soil and water quality. And these all factor will directly decrease the income from farming industry that will become the reason for mass migration of rural people to cities. Using the IOT based sensor technology we can monitor the soil efficiency, humidity and temperature monitoring, fertilizer effectiveness, equipment tracking, storehouse monitoring remotely, and so on. The combination of internet of things (IOT) and wireless sensor networks (WSN) will help in advancement in agriculture at a lesser cost. The IOT based sensors that are temperature sensors, tracking sensors, Humidity sensors, Moisture sensors will lead to smart agriculture applications



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