Use of manual process, there are many issues in the land registry and record management systems like duplicate documents, less secure and no transparency. Block-chain has emerged as a new technology to resolve or handle the issues that are less secure and helps a lot in making e-government. Being immutable, forgeries related to the particular land during the registry are not allowed. This provides trust and consensus among all entities in the network or system. This proposed system provides an automatic solution for the maintenance of record of registry papers and it also provides a smart contract based consensus to automate and easily maintain the loan clearance process using KYC verification which gives transparency to the users to calculate or estimate the loan amount that can be sanctioned to the user based on the salary conditions. Instead of existing typical manual processes, the proposed method handled by the block-chain network which includes authentication scheme at multiple levels to make the system more secure, a quick verification for all stake holders (seller, buyer). All the record details of the land are converted into hash code using SHA 512 and it generated a token. This token is valid for a particular time limit within which the process has to be confirmed in order to maintain more security of the system. This token verifies the authenticity of documents through the online process to avoid fraud or forge land records.



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