With the recent happening and fast transmission of the COVID-19 pandemic, the requirement for the general public importance to follow social distancing is increasing. Keeping this in mind and without much deviating from the globe health organization guidelines for social distancing, folks publicly places should maintain a minimum of 3ft or 1m distance between one another. To fight against the COVID-19, social distancing has tested to be an effective live to hamper the unfold of the illness. folks square measure asked to limit their interaction with one another, reducing the probabilities of the virus being unfold with physical or shut contact. In past conjointly AI/Deep Learning techniques has shown promising results on many existence issues. The deep learning technique is used to conform social distancing is maintained or not at public places and workplaces with the help of social distancing detection tool. To monitor if folks square measure keeping a secure distance from one another by analyzing real time video streams from cameras that are arranged at public places, workplaces, factories, retailers, etc.



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