In recent years, people moving towards online training. So, we are trying to get the fitness industry online. For that, we developed an application in which user will get artificial intelligence-based trainers with the help of image processing & video processing. This Application allow users to do their regular exercise with the help of an AI trainer at home. also, this application is beneficial to some Users to get solved their various health problems such as being overweight or any other health problems. Because of the lack of fitness trainers in India or the cost of the gym are not affordable to many peoples that’s why we have decided to implement this Idea. by using this application Users will get their daily workout routines after calculating their BMI with the help of their Height & Weight. User will get their exercises according to BMI We Have divided BMI into five categories like Underweight, Normal, Overweight, Obese & Extremely Obese. So, users can build their muscles and keep fitness at home without going to the gym. and all exercises users perform which will be designed by experts. This project was performed with the help of the open cv Library which means Open-source computer vision library it is a software library of open-source machine learning and computer vision for image processing and video processing & also for CNN which means (Convolutional Neural Network) it is a deep learning algorithm which can take in an input picture, assign importance (learnable weights) to various aspects/items withinside the picture. According to a survey in 2021, it was found that almost 63% of the population is not interested to do exercises regularly. while nearly 45% of the population are said that they lead a healthy lifestyle is their top priority but only 37% of them exercise.



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