India’s economy is growing at a fast pace making a large percentage of population affluent. Thus, more citizens are spending money on buying cars etc. The government with the contribution from private companies has started investing in infrastructure such as roads giving rise to more people taking to roads and travelling. Thus, toll collection on the roads can cause lot of inconvenience to the commuters has it may take long time to pass this toll plazas. So many intelligent systems using RFID have been designed and implemented to collect tolls automatically. But these systems needed to be refined for more speed toll collection and provide and avoid nay misuse of the toll collection system. So, in our project we are going to develop a more secured toll collection system with a combination of latest technologies such as IoT and blockchain together. First, we will design a RFID based toll collection system where a unique RFID tag will be provided to a vehicle which will be first registered in our system. Then when a vehicle approaches the toll the RFID reader of our system will read the RFID tag and identify the vehicle which will then collect the toll and let the vehicle pass automatically. Then the data will be sent to the cloud where we secure it using blockchain technology where a block will be created in the blockchain for each toll collected using SHA-256 algorithm. Then the block will be secured again using AES algorithm. Thus, by using our system toll can be collected securely where the blockchain can be validated any time and find if any fraud has happened by the toll collection representatives by tampering the toll collection data.



Software And Hardware