There are many fake products in the existing supply chain. It is necessary to have a system for end user to check all details about product that they are buying so that the customer can check if the product is genuine or not. In recent years, Counterfeit products play an important role in product manufacturing industries. This affects the company name, sales, and profit of the companies. Block technology is used to identification of real products and detects fake products. Blockchain technology is the distributed, decentralized and digital ledger that stores transactional information in the form of blocks in many database/node-computers which is connected with the chains. Blockchain technology is secure as the data stored once in the chain is immutable therefore any block cannot be changed or hacked. By using Blockchain technology, customers or users do not need to rely on thirdparty users for confirmation of product authenticity and safety. Our System provides the emerging technology of web use cases, Quick Response (QR) codes provide a robust technique to fight the practice of counterfeiting the products. Counterfeited products can be detected using a QR code scanner, where a QR code of the product is linked to Blockchain. So, this system may be used to store product details and generated unique code of that product as blocks in database. It collects the unique code from the user and compares the code against entries in the Blockchain database. If the code matches, it will give all the information of the product otherwise no information will be outputted to the customer which shows that the product is fake or counterfeited.



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