A brain tumor is a mass or boom of bizarre cells to your brain. It can begin to your mind, or most cancers someplace withinside the frame can unfold to the mind. The maximum not unusual place or not unusualplace approach of detecting a tumor is Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) test. From MRI scans, bizarre boom of mind tissue is observed. Diagnosis of tumor withinside the mind with the assist of an MRI test is a completely difficult, time-ingesting challenge finished via way of means of radiologists and their accuracy relies upon on enjoy alone. In numerous studies papers, mind tumor detection became finished the usage of gadget studying algorithms and Deep Learning. When we use those algorithms on MRI pictures the mind tumor prediction is made in no time and with excessive accuracy which allows to offer remedy to patients. This prediction allows radiologists to make a short or short selection that results in the saving of many lives. In this proposed project, the Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) is used to discover the presence of a tumor withinside the mind and its feature is evaluated



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