All Machine Learning algorithms are built on a mathematical foundation. Because Deep Learning is a subset of Machine Learning, the above holds true for Deep Learning, Shallow Learning, Optimization, and all other Data Science methods. These algorithms assist us in extracting information from the data. We write these algorithms in a programming language (typically libraries are available), and the computer machine that executes them on the data set seems to be intelligent, thus the title Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning provides a model that can learn from data and make predictions using an algorithm. It's used to figure out how something works and why one model is superior to another. Machine learning comes with a built-in mathematical stipulation. It is a field that combines probability, statistics, linear algebra, computer science, and algorithms to develop intelligent software. These programs can extract relevant and insightful information from data in order to arrive at business insights. Because machine learning is based on the study and application of algorithms, a strong foundation in mathematics is required.



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