Anxiety, worry, job conflicts, and emotional outbursts are just a few of the issues that plague humans. This might be due to a job, family issues, obligations, or peer pressure. During a fight with an emotional crisis, a person urgently seeks solutions to the situation. Music, being one of the most popular forms of entertainment, may be beneficial in such situations. It allows us to express our emotions and improve our mental condition. The mood is the most important aspect of music. Every scenario we face is accompanied by a spirit. Many songs are composed with emotions in mind. Many public venues, such as restaurants, tourist attractions, and cultural events, have a backdrop theme tune. This improves the clients' mood. In this regard, we are performing a mood categorization of songs based solely on words. For the problem, we are using Decision Tree and Random Forest models. The exploratory results from training and testing the model suggest that music associated with joyful and sad states of mind may be predicted with reasonable accuracy based on characteristics derived from song verses.



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