Nowadays Diabetes been the common disease in whole world and its rapidly spreading. It is happening due to modern and sedentary lifestyle, junk foods, etc. family has at least one patient of this. Why diabetes considers as dangerous disease? Because diabetes don’t come alone it comes with lot of other diseases. Diabetes patient not only suffer from high sugar but also suffer through high BP, arthritis, heart diseases kidney failure, nerves and eyes. Diabetes cause damage to eyes that leads to poor vision and most severely blindness. Diabetes retinopathy is cause of blindness for people having diabetes, so we have decided to create a screening system which will help us to detect diabetes retinopathy. Since there is no cure for diabetes, because treatment just include regular medicines, exercise and diet. An eye is an important organ of our body. So in order to avoid vision loss the only solution will be early detection of it. In our project we create system which will detect if the images of that retina will have diabetes retinopathy or not. We trained our dataset to give prediction over test data and gave the accuracy over it.



Software And Hardware